Authorities say that a 51-year-old woman will face murder charges in relation to a deadly crash that took place along the Eastex Freeway on Thursday, August 5th. While the vast majority of car accidents don’t result in any fatalities, crashes involving alcohol have the potential to be more deadly.

The Deadly Collision

A 75-year-old grandfather was killed on August 5th when the vehicle he was driving was struck by an intoxicated driver. The crash occurred at around 2 a.m. on US-59 at Greens Road.

According to authorities, it was raining when the collision occurred and fog had obscured the windshield in the now-deceased grandfather’s Chevy Trailblazer. He was in the process of trying to get off of the freeway when his vehicle was struck. As the Trailblazer was changing lanes, an F-150 being driven by the suspect slammed into the rear of the vehicle.

The victim was pronounced dead at the scene. He was traveling with three of his grandchildren, ages 8,12, and 14, when the collision happened. The three children reportedly suffered minor injuries and were treated on scene.

The suspect was traveling with a male passenger at the time of the crash. Both of them were intoxicated. While the suspect remains in the hospital, the condition of her passenger has not been explicitly stated. Currently, it appears as though he was unharmed.

According to the deceased’s family, one of the children had been suffering from chest pains prior to the crash, and the group was on the way back from a visit to the hospital when the accident happened.

Authorities report that all inbound lanes of the Eastex Freeway were closed at Greens Road for several hours while the scene was being processed.

Are DUI Accidents More Deadly?

When it comes to reporting on car accidents, it’s, unfortunately, true that good news is rare to come by. One thing that all of us can be grateful for is the fact that less than one percent of Texas car crashes result in deaths. However, there are choices we can make as drivers that may raise the risk of being involved in a deadly accident.

Car accidents involving alcohol are nearly five times more likely to result in a fatality compared to non-DUI accidents. Even more alarmingly, those involved in drunk driving accidents are more than six times more likely to die compared to individuals involved in non-DUI crashes.

In truth, there are a nearly endless number of explanations for this fact. First, drunk drivers are less able to safely respond to an emergency on the road. While a sober driver might be able to successfully maneuver their vehicle out of danger, a drunk driver may make a minor accident even worse.

Next, while all drivers can make dangerous decisions, drunk drivers with their inhibitions lowered may make more dangerous decisions or may be less able to recognize their actions as dangerous in the first place.

Finally, studies have shown that the more a person drinks and drives, the better they think they are at drunk driving. Of course, this is largely untrue, meaning habitual drunk drivers may be even more likely to miss their own dangerous driving behaviors.

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Source: ABC13


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