On Wednesday, September 12, a fiery crash involving an 18 wheeler occurred on Highway 281 near the downtown area of San Antonio, Texas.

Details Regarding the Accident

After heading southbound on the highway towards Hildebrand, the truck driver lost control of the vehicle. The truck continued to skid on the driver’s side before erupting into flames, making it a life-threatening situation for the driver and passing vehicles.

A witness observed a plumbing truck pull over, and three men leapt out to rescue the driver caught in the fiery wreck. The three men were able to break the window of the semi truck and help the driver out to safety.

Because of the plumbers’ heroic efforts, the driver of the semi escaped with only a few bumps and scrapes.

Identifying the Problem

Semi-truck accidents are extremely dangerous and can catch on fire because of the exposed gasoline tank or from carrying a load of hazardous materials.

In this particular accident, the truck driver was able to make it out alive because of the assistance from fast-acting strangers. However, many truck crashes often lead to severe injuries and deaths, not only of truck drivers, but of surrounding passenger car occupants as well.

A 2016 truck accident report from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration revealed the following statistics:

  • In 2016 alone, there was an astounding 475,000 police-reported crashes involving semi trucks.
  • Of those total accidents, 3,864 of were fatal.
  • Another 104,000 of those crashes resulted in injuries.
  • Approximately 83 percent of these fatalities were not the occupants of the semi truck.
  • Around 4 percent of all fatal truck accidents involved a semi truck carrying a load of hazardous materials.
  • Roughly 2 percent of all nonfatal truck accidents also carried hazardous materials like gasoline, fuel oil, etc.

Truck drivers are vulnerable to the combustion of their vehicles in accidents. Often times, these fiery crashes can be the result of a minor collision because of the exposure of the shiny, silver fuel tank on the side frame of a semi-truck, making it prone to igniting upon impact.

Passengers of normal cars should be cautious when driving around semi-trucks. The incomparable mass of a semi-truck, along with the difficulty for truck drivers to have a wide range of view, makes the highway dangerous for all drivers.

Staying Safe on the Road

Normal passenger car drivers can often cause truck accidents, so there are a few things you should remember when sharing the road.

Truck accidents can be a result of:

  • Normal cars not driving within visibility of the truck driver’s rear or side view.
  • Not being aware of the truck’s capabilities in breaking, accelerating, etc.
  • Changing lanes too quickly, taking the truck driver by surprise.
  • Getting in the way of a truck while making a right turn.
  • Merging onto lanes and causing the truck to make a sudden brake.
  • Driving in between large trucks and not being visible to either parties.

It is important to beware of truck drivers who may have been driving for prolonged hours and can become lethargic on the road. Although it is not a desirable outcome, their work schedules can be demanding and increase the likelihood of accidents. This, combined with the factors of weather conditions, reckless passenger car driving, and even truck part malfunction can lead to fatal accidents.

In the case that you are involved in a semi-truck accident where the driver’s actions are to blame, you may be entitled to compensation to aid in your recovery. Truck accidents can cause serious mental, physical, and emotional trauma to those involved.

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Source: KSAT

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