On Wednesday, August 15, a Chevrolet Impala collided into a Houston fire truck at approximately 3:30 AM. Reports say that the driver was intoxicated.

Details About the Accident

Chief of the Houston Fire department explained that the fire truck was returning to the station before the incident happened. At a red light, the truck was reversing with its lights flashing when the car drove directly into it.

The impact caused the Impala to get jammed under the fire truck and pinned the driver’s legs. The man had to be rescued from his car.

The man admitted to having been drinking. Both the drunk driver and one of the firefighters were admitted to a local hospital but did not suffer any major injuries.

Drunk Driving Statistics

Drunk drivers put innocent lives and their own lives in grave danger when they decide to get on the road while intoxicated. Catastrophic injuries, property damages, and death are the consequences of negligent drunk drivers.

The Mothers Against Drunk Driving website offers some startling statistics on the harsh realities of drunk driving:

  • 800 individuals are injured each day by drunk drivers.
  • One person is injured by a drunk driver every two minutes.
  • In the U.S., 29 people die each day from drunk driving.
  • Over half of all driving fatalities occur because of alcohol.
  • The total damages and injuries from drunk driving cost the U.S. $132 billion every single year.
  • An individual can only metabolize one alcoholic drink per 60 minutes.
  • There is no quick remedy to sobering up. Only the body can do it with time.

If a drunk driver hits you, you should seek immediate medical attention and call the authorities for help. The police can help you file a report and get the driver’s information.

What to Do Following a Drunk Driving Accident

The emotional and physical effects of a drunk driving accident can negatively impact the victim’s life. Our personal injury lawyers at Lapeze & Johns want to offer you some advice if you have been injured by a negligent driver.

    • Do Not Accept the First Offer

The guilty party’s insurance company may try to opt out of paying victims the full compensation if they were intoxicated. If the company offers you a settlement before you make a case, do not accept it because this signifies that more compensation can be sought with an experienced personal injury lawyer.

    • Get Compensation Through a Lawsuit

Medical bills will pile up after you’ve been hit by a drunk driver. You need to file a lawsuit to receive the funds necessary to deal with the financial burdens that resulted from the negligent party’s actions.

You do not have to go through this alone. Consult our experienced team to guide you through the legal specifics that proceed a drunk driving accident.

    • If the Guilty Party Has No Insurance

It is very possible that the drunk driver does not have any insurance to cover the costs and damages they have caused. The ability to receive compensation may be limited but is not non-existent.

If the driver became intoxicated at a bar or restaurant, then liability may fall upon these businesses. Ask your personal attorney at Lapeze & Johns about dram shop laws in Texas.

The physical and emotional effects that follow these kinds of accidents require your undivided energy and attention to recover. Let our dedicated team of Houston personal injury attorneys handle the legal specifics.

Contact us today at 713.739.1010for more information on how we can help you recover and obtain the justice you deserve.

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