Being injured is never an enjoyable experience to go through. This is especially true when dealing with injuries on the job or with the possibility of being injured while offshore. Offshore injury cases are some of the most dangerous and murky areas to work with, as the injuries can be caused by many different factors in the workplace. Due to this, the legal work required to proceed with the case can have multiple complications that can be hard to navigate. As the laws for offshore injury cases vary from state-to-state, it is important to consult an attorney who specializes in the subject matter locally. So, let’s go over one state in particular: Louisiana.

Injury Claims in Louisiana

Let’s start with filing an offshore injury claim in general. When filing for an offshore injury case, there are a few basic steps that should be followed. For starters, make sure to keep documentation. Documenting everything that goes on – how the incident started, timestamps and conversations – are all extremely important. This is because the opponent who one is going up against for the offshore injury is usually a company or vessel owner. When looking for compensation, the company or vessel owner will generally look to cut corners and downplay the payout as much as possible, since they are looking to cut their losses as much as possible. For this reason, they may attempt to twist just about anything they can to make it seem that they are not as liable as a victim might hope. Thus, documentation of such things as dates, timestamps, and all personnel involved with will help the injured be well-backed when push comes to shove.

Second, make sure to acquire a well-versed and experienced lawyer to represent you during the legal proceedings. With most injuries in personal injury cases or even worker’s compensation cases, the cases themselves are somewhat easier to follow. Proving necessary legal elements, such as causation or negligence, is much easier when dealing with an incident that happens more regularly. However, with offshore injury claims, cases are not as regular as it might seem. For this reason, looking for someone who has ample background knowledge and experience will help you to solidify your case and ensure that nothing goes unnoticed during the legal proceedings.

In Louisiana, these factors still hold true as important steps towards filing an offshore injury claim. Louisiana follows general maritime laws that you see in many other US states. These include the Jones Act, as well as the LHWCA, and a few other statutes seen across the country. Thus, putting together a case in Louisiana would not be much different than, say, Texas. Make sure to find the proper attorney or lawyer within the Louisiana area. That way it will not end up on the back burner of an attorney who may have a bit longer call distance. In addition, a local attorney is generally more cost efficient with travel not carrying a large expense in the representation.

Hopefully, this article was useful to those looking to pursue an offshore injury claim in Louisiana. Remember to keep well-documented notes and find a well-versed lawyer to take the case on. Both of these will ensure that the injured victim gains proper compensation and help for their injury, whether it be from the company or the vessel owner that the injured victim was working for. If you’re unsure how to proceed after an injury or accident, contact us here for a free case review.

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