Many injuries can happen after a car accident, and the likelihood of a burn injury happening is quite high due to the various sources that can cause a burn. It is important that you seek immediate relief after a car accident to get the treatment you need for your burn.

A burn injury can cause great pain and suffering and a long road to recovery. Learn how your Houston car accident attorney can help you seek the relief you deserve.

Common Causes of Car Accident Burns

Unfortunately, there are many instances where a victim may suffer from car accident burns. The severity of the crash plays a major role in what could cause these burns and how badly it affects the victim(s) of the car accident. 

The common causes of car accident burns include:

  • Airbag deployment
  • Explosion near or inside the vehicle
  • Leaked chemicals
  • Contact with a live electrical current
  • Exposure to debris

Because there are various sources that cause car accident burns, the chance of suffering a burn injury is high after a crash. The victim’s body often goes into shock after an accident, so they may be unaware of the burns they’ve sustained. It is important that they seek medical attention immediately after the crash.

Degrees of Burn Injuries

Burns are classified based on their severity from first, second, and third-degree. All three burn classifications should be seen and treated by a medical professional, but second and third-degree are often more serious. 

The classifications of each burn are as follows:

  • First-degree burns cause damage to the top layer of your skin.
  • Second-degree burns reach the second layer of your skin, causing intense pain and blistering.
  • Third-degree burns may cause permanent damage to your tissues, blood vessels, and nerves.

A burn may take time to develop and could get worse if left untreated. It is always best to have your burn analyzed by a medical professional to get treatment before it develops any further. The sooner you receive treatment, the better chance you have of fully recovering from your burn injury.

Burn Injury Complications

Depending on the severity of the burn, the victim may be able to fully recover and continue on with their everyday life. For some, unfortunately, complications may arise. Some of these burn injury complications include:

  • Infection
  • Septic shock
  • Pulmonary embolism
  • Deep vein thrombosis
  • Fluid loss

Along with these physical complications, victims may suffer from mental and emotional damage due to scarring, grafts, and other long-term effects of these burn injuries. 

The road to recovery may be long for some, and those who have suffered burn injuries from an accident due to someone else’s negligence deserve to be compensated for the pain and suffering they have gone through.

Getting Financial Relief

If you or a loved one have suffered burn injuries from an accident, the recovery and financial toll may be a heavy one. An experienced Houston car accident attorney can help you obtain justice and financial relief for the medical expenses you’ll face and the undue trauma you’ve been put through. 

Our Houston car accident attorneys will be able to handle your claim and get you compensation for your medical expenses, along with the pain and suffering you’ve gone through. 

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