A man was struck and killed at the intersection of the Katy Freeway and Fry Road when he got out of his vehicle to assist the victim of a wreck. The victim of the initial accident wasn’t injured, according to police.

The Accidents

The initial accident involved a pickup truck that drove off the side of the road and struck a tree. According to the pickup truck driver, he was forced off the road when another driver cut him off at around 6 a.m. on Friday, March 26th. The driver who allegedly cut off the pickup driver drove away without checking on their safety.

The deceased reportedly witnessed the pickup run off the freeway and pulled over to check on the driver. Tragically, when the good Samaritan got out of his vehicle, he was struck by another vehicle.

According to the driver involved in the first accident, the driver who struck the good Samaritan initially thought he had hit a piece of wood on the road. It wasn’t until the wife of the deceased (who was also on the scene), realized that her husband was missing that witnesses knew the full extent of what had happened.

The driver who struck the deceased remained on the scene, and police report that there are no charges currently associated with this case.

What to Do If You See a Wreck

In 2019, 435 people were killed in accidents involving pedestrians who failed to yield the right-of-way to oncoming vehicles. There were also nearly 6,000 car accidents involving pedestrians in 2019.

With these statistics in mind, it’s important that Texans know what to do —and what not to do— when they witness or come across a car accident.

First of all, it’s important to note that if you were involved in the accident in any way, and you fail to stop and report the event, you may face legal repercussions if anyone suffered injuries in the crash.

If you were not directly involved in the crash, you aren’t technically required to stop, but there are many reasons that you should. Of course, your help could be the difference between life and death for victims. On top of that, your testimony could make or break their case for financial relief.

If you witness or encounter a car accident while driving, you can follow the steps below to stay as safe as possible. Download our guide and share it with your loved ones to help them stay safe, too.


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Source: ABC13


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