In the early morning of Saturday, October 17th, a female Houston police officer was involved in a car accident that may have been caused by an impaired driver.

Details About The Incident

According to local authorities, the accident occurred just before 2:30 a.m. near the Sunnyside area in southeast Houston. 

The female HPD officer was headed northbound on Scott Street where she collided with a driver headed southbound on Scott and Rosemont.

The suspected impaired driver failed to yield to the HPD officer as they were making a right turn and caused the accident.

The officer was rushed to the nearest hospital where she was treated for minor injuries to her leg, and the incident remains under further investigation as a DWI incident. 

Houston’s DUIs By the Numbers

If you have consumed alcohol or any other substance that may interfere with your overall ability to cognitively operate a vehicle, don’t get behind the wheel. 

Harris County has led the country in DWI-related fatalities on an annual basis for the past 18 years. Out of a total of 940 drunk-driving, related fatalities in 2018, Harris county alone made up for 12.8% of the state’s DWI death toll.

More recently in 2019, Houston experienced a total number of 2,436 drunk-driving accidents. Out of those reported accidents, there were:

  • 443 accidents in which 730 individuals suffered possible injuries.
  • 286 accidents in which 391 individuals suffered non-incapacitating injuries.
  • 102 accidents in which 126 individuals were suspected of suffering from serious injuries.
  • 67 accidents in which 73 individuals were killed.

Seeking Legal Justice For Your Injuries Is Only a Consultation Away!

No matter how safe one might drive or what vehicle model they may have, being involved in a car accident can still happen on our Texas roads. When involved in such an accident, it can be one of the most painful and aggravating experiences one can endure physically, emotionally, and financially, but know that there is still hope. 

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Source: ABC 13

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