It seems like every day there’s more news about problems caused by the shutdown surrounding the novel coronavirus. Thousands are ill, and millions of us are staying inside to try to keep those numbers down. And yet, in many ways, life is still happening. Unfortunately, car and truck accidents are always a possibility.

Thankfully, even in times of crisis, there are people here to help. The Houston truck accident attorneys of Lapeze & Johns are connecting with clients remotely in order to do our part to keep all of us safe. We can help you face the challenges presented within the legal system and the insurance companies to seek compensation for the accident you’ve suffered.

Below we’ve gathered information on the ways filing a truck accident claim may be different during the shelter-in-place.

1. More Uninsured Drivers

With businesses closing across the country, many people aren’t receiving the paychecks they need and/or thought they would have. Some people are having to make sacrifices and incredibly difficult decisions about where to put the money they have left. One of the areas that may suffer is car insurance.

In the State of Texas, car insurance is required to have if you own and operate a vehicle, so we encourage you to invest in, not only liability coverage, but also uninsured motorist coverage of at least $100 thousand.

2. Fewer Police Officers

Police officers, firefighters, and, of course, medical professionals are usually on the front lines of any emergency, and your semi-truck accident is no different. Unfortunately due to the pandemic, however, that means they are also likely to get sick. This means that some areas are limiting what sorts of accidents they will send an officer to depending on the severity.

Police reports are essential to filing insurance claims or taking any legal actions. The report details important information such as the cause of the crash, what factors led up to it, and any admissions of guilt so that your lawyer can use it as a solid piece of evidence to argue your case.

3. Courthouse Closures

Courthouses throughout Texas have been closing, postponing trials, and limiting entrance. To help alleviate the problems these closures may cause, the courts released an emergency order effective until May 9th extending the statute of limitations, allowing statements sworn out of court, requiring cold-symptom carriers to alert the court, and allowing telecommunication. The closures and the orders are subject to sudden changes, so the best idea is to either contact the court or an experienced truck accident lawyer.

4. Restricted or Delayed Medical Treatment

Getting the medical attention you need after a crash is actually important for more than one reason. First, your health should always be your first priority. Second, having the medical records that connect your accident to your injury and detail all of the suggestions and treatment your doctor recommended–and in which you followed–vastly improves the strength of your claim.

Right now, hospitals are battling the coronavirus pandemic, but it is still important to see a doctor for your injuries. If your accident occurred some time ago and you are currently undergoing regular medical procedures or other medical appointments that are postponed due to factors outside of your control, your case may also be postponed.

5. Insurance Companies

Families aren’t the only ones trying to save money right now; insurance companies are too. If profits decline due to the virus, it’s possible they will be fighting harder than they might normally would to undercut or deny your claim. The truck accident attorneys of Lapeze & Johns are more than ready to meet the challenge and would strongly recommend that you contact them first before contacting your insurance company. It is always best to have a truck accident lawyer by your side when you speak to your insurance claims adjuster.

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The team at Lapeze & Johns are committed to keeping ourselves and our communities as healthy as possible during this difficult time. Because of this commitment, we will always fight for our clients whenever they need us most, and we would be proud to represent you.


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