Victims of oilfield accidents can face dramatic changes to their lives including financial issues, physical damages, and emotional suffering.

The Texas oilfield accident attorneys at Lapeze & Johns want to help you obtain full recovery for any damages you have suffered as a result of your oilfield accident. Our expert attorneys can inform you of your legal rights, can guide you through the process of filing a claim, and help you to hold third parties liable for their negligence.

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Determining Liability in an Oilfield Accident

In many cases, oilfield accidents are not the fault of the worker, but of an employer, co-worker, or even a third party. The first thing that victims of an oilfield injury wonder is, “Who will pay for these damages to assist in my recovery?”

The company you work for will most likely compensate you for any physical injuries you have suffered as well as help handle medical expenses through Workers Compensation. Unfortunately, these funds may not always suffice for all your medical expenses, lost wages, and emotional suffering that can occur as a result of a workplace injury.

In the case that your employer or a third party is liable due to workplace negligence or a deliberate lack of consideration for your safety, you may sue the employer through a personal injury claim.

Third parties that can be held liable for your injuries include:

  • Manufacturers of parts and machinery that malfunctions
  • Manufacturers of materials in the workplace that were toxic
  • Subcontractors and contractors of the site
  • The owner of the property where the accident took place
  • Other co-workers or outside parties

How Much Will I Be Compensated?

Oilfield accidents can cause injuries that may inhibit you from working or ever enjoying life as you had before. A very serious accident can even affect your relationship with your loved ones.

At Lapeze & Johns, we recognize that your claim deserves the utmost attention. Your injury is very real and the pain you are suffering is too. Because of that, we will do everything in our ability to obtain full recovery for all your damages.

Our oilfield accident attorneys will fight for damages that include but are not limited to:

  • Medical costs including past, future, and current expenses
  • Current and future lost income
  • Out-of-pocket expenses
  • Personal property damage
  • Pain, suffering, and emotional distress
  • Loss of enjoyment of life and loss of consortium

The difference between recovering workers compensation and filing a civil claim is that the civil claim is more likely to cover emotional and mental damages. Although these losses cannot be easily quantified, the value of your claim will rise if emotional and mental distress are reported.

How to Obtain a Fair Settlement for an Oilfield Accident

First and foremost, you will need an experienced personal injury attorney to help determine the cumulative worth of your damages. You should keep a written record of the following losses and expenses including:

  1. Medical expenses (past, present, future)
  2. Loss of work earnings
  3. Future lost income
  4. Funeral expenses (wrongful death claim)
  5. Emotional and mental distress

The dedicated team of oilfield injury attorneys at Lapeze & Johns will use their expertise and experience with similar cases to help you recover as much compensation as possible. We will help you determine who is at fault, determine if there is liable negligence, help you deal with insurance companies and adjusters, and take your case to court if necessary.

Get the Most Out of Your Settlement

Employers and their adjusters may try to reduce and diminish the value of your claim. Get informed about your legal rights and what is an appropriate amount of compensation to accommodate the damages you have suffered.

Seek the trustworthy team of dedicated oilfield accident attorneys Lapeze & Johns today.




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