An innocent driver in Houston died on Sunday morning when a drunk driver crashed and collided with the sober driver’s vehicle.

Unfortunately, accidents of this kind are far from rare in Houston, which is home to the country’s most dangerous road and the highest number of drunk driving accidents of any city in the state.

The Sunday DWI Accident

According to Houston authorities, they responded to an accident in the southbound lanes of the Southwest Freeway in the early hours of Sunday, June 1st. At around 4 a.m., an innocent driver was killed in a collision with a drunk driver, south of Bissonnet Street.

Police believe that the driver of a black pickup truck was impaired when they left the southbound lanes of the freeway and collided with a light pole. The vehicle struck the pole with enough force to send it back into oncoming traffic.

At this point, the pickup truck was hit by another vehicle traveling south on the freeway. According to officials, the driver of the second vehicle died as a result of the crash.

The suspected drunk driver was not seriously injured in the crash. At the time of the report, charges for intoxication manslaughter were pending against the driver of the pickup truck.

Following the crash, the Southwest Freeway southbound was closed for several hours while an investigation and cleanup were underway.

The Dangers on Houston Roadways

Most city residents across the country probably hate driving in traffic, but some might be more justified than others. Recently, a stretch of highway in Houston was named the most deadly road in the entire United States, but that danger is seen to varying degrees throughout the city due to congestion and poor driving behavior.

According to Budget Direct, Interstate 45 north from Galveston through Houston to Dallas has seen an average of 56.5 fatal crashes for every 100 miles of the road, making it the most dangerous road in the country. Based on data from 2019, the most dangerous portion of that road is the stretch through Houston, with 73 deaths. The high number of deaths in this area is reportedly due to a combination of driver complacency and Houston’s high-traffic areas.

Another contributor to the dangers on Houston roadways beyond the congestion seen on its busiest roadways is alcohol use by drivers. In 2020, Houston saw more alcohol-related crashes than any other Texas city by nearly 60% of the next highest total. In all, Houston saw over 2,300 drunk driving accidents last year, with nearly 80 deaths.

If you plan on driving in or around the Houston metro area, be cautious. Keep in mind that other drivers may not act responsibly, so it’s especially important that you protect yourself by following all traffic laws and signage.

If you’ve been injured in a Texas drunk driving accident, reach out to the Houston car accident attorneys of Lapeze and Johns to start your fight for justice.

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Source: ABC13

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