Authorities reported that they responded to ten separate auto-accidents in Lubbock, Texas, by 7 a.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 10. By 9:50 a.m., they had received reports of 89 accidents. Residents of Lubbock and all Texans facing icy road conditions are being urged to stay home or drive with extreme caution.

Reviewing Lubbock’s Wednesday Car Accidents

At least one “major crash” occurred on Wednesday at North Loop 289 and University Avenue. By 7:20 a.m., police announced that the east and westbound lanes of the loop would be closed between I-17 and University.

Another collision involving 9 vehicles was reported via the police radio system at Q Drive and 1st Street. Prior to that, the system transmitted a report of a 7-vehicle crash elsewhere in Lubbock.

Families in the area are being urged by officials to drive with extreme caution. Some local education officials announced that they would be lenient with their tardiness policy in acknowledgment of the potential danger faced by parent-drivers.

Icy Roads and Texas Car Accidents

Did you know that the Texas Department of Transportation records data on the weather conditions that were present at almost every crash that occurs within the state? By examining this data, we can learn a few things both about Texas drivers and how to stay safe as a Texas driver, yourself.

But the most common weather conditions for Texas car accidents may not be what you expect. The vast majority–just over 87%–of Texas car accidents in 2019 reportedly happened during clear or cloudy weather. Meanwhile, the total number of accident reports including descriptions of snow, sleet, or hail made up less than half of one percent of all crashes. It’s worth noting that there are nearly as many accidents with “Unknown” or “Other” types of weather as there are related to snow, sleet, and hail put together.

Instead, other than clear skies, the weather condition most likely to affect Texas drivers is rain. In 2019, rainy weather was present in roughly 11% of crashes.

Still, the fact that these weather-related crashes are less common doesn’t mean that you can drive carelessly. The fact is that Texas simply sees less of these types of weather. Because of this, it’s actually even more important that Texas drivers take the time to familiarize themselves with the best ways to approach driving in the rare occurrences of ice or snow.

Below, you can find Lapeze & Johns’ handy guide to driving in winter weather. Download these tips to keep them fresh in your mind, and share them with friends to help them stay safe, too.


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