One man is facing murder charges following a deadly road rage incident in Dallas that took place on Thursday, June 17th. The man was arrested shortly after a shooting that resulted in the death of an 18-year-old man.

The Road Rage Crash

A man is being charged with murder after he shot at another driver as a result of road rage. The driver, who was shot at, subsequently crashed his vehicle and died while en route to a nearby hospital.

At this time, it is unclear whether the shooting or the accompanying accident was the direct cause of the victim’s death.

According to Dallas authorities, they responded to a call at around 1:14 p.m. about a road rage event in the 2300 block of South Hampton Road. The victim, an 18-year-old man, was driving a Chevy Silverado when he was approached by two other vehicles. The victim reportedly got into an argument with the driver in one of the vehicles, a Dodge Ram, before said driver shot him.

Following the shooting, the victim crashed his truck into two parked cars outside a nearby business. The alleged shooter fled the scene.

Shortly after the incident, police were able to locate and detain the 27-year-old shooting suspect when they pulled over the Dodge he had been driving. Officers reportedly found a weapon in the vehicle.

Thanks to the release of the description of the suspect’s vehicle, officers were able to question the suspect to verify that he was indeed the road rage shooter before charging him with murder.

The investigation into this incident is ongoing.

The Danger of Road Rage Shootings in Texas Cities

Road rage shootings are alarmingly common in Texas cities. Unfortunately, the issue is only getting worse. Between January and April of this year, Harris County road rage shootings increased by 13%, while the injuries caused by those shootings increased by 26%. Dallas, too, has seen a shocking number of road rage shootings so far this year, with five shootings occurring in the past month alone.

Of course, a driver doesn’t have to pull out a gun to make their road rage dangerous. According to the American Safety Council, 66% of traffic deaths are caused by aggressive driving, categorized as a form of road rage. In 2020, road rage contributed to nearly 1,400 accidents across the state of Texas.

In response to the increase in aggressive acts by drivers, cities like Dallas are increasing the number of officers on the road in order to discourage drivers from acting irresponsibly. They also hope to add undercover vehicles to the program as an attempt to catch road-rage drivers in the act.

To de-escalate situations in which you suspect another driver may be enraged, authorities recommend staying calm and giving a friendly wave, or mouthing that you’re sorry. If that doesn’t help, slow your vehicle to let the enraged driver go around. If they continue to follow your vehicle, take the next exit and call the police if they keep pursuing you.

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