An accident involving a possible drunk driver occurred in the early hours of Friday, May 28th; it was just one of many accidents that were to be seen over Memorial Day weekend.

In 2019 over the holiday weekend, there were more than 350 alcohol-related accidents in the Lone Star State alone.

The Early Morning Crash

The accident took place at around 2 a.m. on Friday, March 28th, involving a Mustang and an SUV. While no one was killed, two people in the SUV were hospitalized and were in stable condition following the crash.

According to police, the Mustang was traveling southbound on Smith Street when it drove into the path of the SUV traveling east on Elgin. As a result of the crash, the SUV rolled, coming to land on top of the Mustang.

Authorities took the driver of the Mustang into custody where he underwent testing for drug or alcohol use. Both are common contributors to crashes during the Memorial Day weekend.

Memorial Day Texas Car Accidents

It’s no secret that holidays tend to see more drunk-driving accidents compared to everyday rates. With holiday parties, barbecues, and boozy brunches, it’s an unfortunate fact that a greater number of people are tempted to drive drunk during the holidays simply due to greater opportunity.

Beyond drunk driving, Memorial Day weekend and other holidays often see a higher number of accidents due to the fact that there are more people traveling. While they don’t specify the contribution of drunk driving, the National Safety Council predicts that 415 people will die in car accidents over the 3-day weekend. This is an increase of more than 50% over the usual number of car accident deaths seen in the country over a normal 3-day period.

Still, there’s no denying the role that alcohol plays in this increase. On average, the Memorial Day weekend sees about 10% more deadly car accidents caused by alcohol use compared to the yearly average. In 2019, Texas saw more than 350 alcohol-fueled crashes over the course of the 3-day weekend alone. In comparison, based on data from the Texas Department of Transportation, an average 3-day period in the state sees under 30 car accident deaths.

Authorities have attempted to decrease the number of alcohol-related fatalities over holiday weekends by cracking down on these crimes more severely. For instance, in most areas of Texas, Memorial Day weekend is a no-refusal weekend. This means that if a driver refuses to take a field sobriety test for an officer who suspects they may have been driving drunk, then that officer will request a warrant for a blood test.

To help reduce the temptation of driving drunk, keep in mind all of the ways that alcohol can affect driver behavior:

    • Increased risk-taking behavior
    • An overestimation of driving fitness
    • Decreased vigilance
    • Clouded perception
    • Delayed reactions
    • Lack of control of speed and position

Keep in mind that those with a habit of drunk driving are statistically more likely to overestimate their ability to drive safely.

While these risks should be reason enough, many people will still make the decision to drive drunk this weekend. To keep yourself safe on the road, drive with special care and attention.

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Source: ABC13


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