On Saturday, June 10, 2018, a multiple-vehicle car crash occurred on the North Beltway feeder at T.C. Jester Boulevard in north Houston.

The Details of the Crash

According to the investigators at the scene, at approximately 7 p.m., an SUV and a car struck one another at the intersection, causing an impact so forceful that one of the vehicles went airborne and knocked off part of the traffic light.

To onlookers’ shock, eight people emerged from the wreckage including five children. Thankfully, the injuries that were sustained by those involved in the accident were non-life threatening. They victims of the accident sat on the curb, awaiting the ambulance to take them to a local hospital for treatment.

Authorities are still investigating the crash.

Staggering Multiple-Vehicle Car Accidents Statistics

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, it was reported that in 2016, 59% of car occupant deaths occurred in multiple-vehicle car crashes. The report also claims that:

  • There were 22 driver deaths for every million registered passenger vehicles in multiple-vehicle car crashes.
  • SUVs had the lowest number of deaths per registered vehicle at about 12 driver deaths per one million.
  • Frontal impacts accounted for 15 driver deaths per one million registered passenger vehicles in multiple-vehicle car crashes.
  • Rollover accidents accounted for 31 percent of passenger vehicle fatalities, where 13 percent of those deaths occurred in a multiple-vehicle crash.

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