One person died and another was injured when their vehicle collided with a gate at the Circuit of Americas in Austin on Saturday, August 14. While every car accident brings with it considerable potential danger, collisions with stationary objects like gates can be especially deadly.

The Deadly Collision

Austin-Travis County authorities reported that one person died and another was left with life-threatening injuries following a collision with a gate at the Circuit of Americas. Emergency responders were called to the scene of the crash in the 9500 block of Circuit of Americas Boulevard at around 5:15 a.m. on August 14.

On the scene, authorities discovered a pickup truck smashed under the heavy entrance gate. Inside, they found one person dead, one person unconscious and pinned inside, and another person awake without serious injuries. The unconscious individual was cut free by fire crews and taken to a nearby hospital in critical condition. The third individual was examined on the scene and was in good enough health to be seen walking following the crash.

Crashes With Stationary Objects

Every car accident is different, and there are many factors involved in each and every crash. In order to help combat roadway danger, the Texas Department of Transportation collects data on each of these factors for lawmakers, reporters, and residents to read and analyze.

One factor that can have a huge impact on the deadliness of the crash is called the “First Harmful Event” of the crash. This means either the other object, animal, or pedestrian involved in an auto accident, or the action that initiated the crash, specifically in rollovers and other “non-collisions.” Each of these types of crashes brings with it a different level of potential danger.

By far the deadliest sorts of collisions are those involving pedestrians, with 15% of these accidents resulting in at least one death. Bicycle accidents are a distant second at 4%. To compare, less than half of one percent of all auto accidents result in a fatality.

Another surprising comparison is that of collisions with moving vehicles versus collisions with stationary objects. A crash involving a stationary object is more than twice as likely to result in a fatality compared to crashes between moving cars. Rollover accidents are even more dangerous, with fatality rates three times higher than those seen in stationary object accidents.

In conclusion, while car accidents involving two moving vehicles are far more common than collisions with stationary objects, that doesn’t mean that drivers should take these accidents any less seriously.

Always take care when on the road, and never drive while intoxicated, distracted, or overly fatigued.

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Source: KXAN, CBS Austin


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