One person is dead and another is severely injured following a single-vehicle collision which occurred on November 23 in Wichita Falls. An investigation is still under way, but speeding may have played a role in the incident.

Car Accident Details

According to local authorities, one individual is dead and another was hospitalized following a car accident in the 2000 block of Hampstead on Sunday morning around 2:45 a.m. The vehicle involved in the accident was a silver Ford Five Hundred.

The Ford was traveling eastbound on Hampstead at the time of the collision. Authorities report that the vehicle was traveling at a high speed when the driver lost control.

The vehicle left the road and collided with a tree at which point it caught fire. One passenger who was ejected from the vehicle was taken to a Fort Worth hospital to be treated for severe injuries. The second passenger was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash.

This incident is still under investigation, and the authorities are not releasing the names of those involved at this time.

Single-Vehicle Car Accidents in Texas

While some research shows that single-vehicle accidents are less likely to result in fatalities than multi-vehicle crashes, the truth is that any car or truck accident can be deadly. This is partly due to the fact that many single-vehicle accidents involve some additional risk factor such as alcohol use or speeding.

According to research on the differences between multi- and single-vehicle crashes, road conditions and the time of day each play a large role in the likelihood that these incidents will happen and that they will result in deaths. In Texas in 2019, roughly one third of all car crash fatalities occurred in single-vehicle, run-off the road crashes.

Speeding can be Deadly on Texas Roads

According to data gathered by the Texas Department of Transportation, the single largest contributing factor to crashes in the state by far is a failure to control vehicle speed. In fact, speeding played a role in nearly 170,000 crashes in Texas in 2019 resulting in nearly 300 fatalities.

Of those fatalities, the majority affect the speeding drivers themselves, roughly 52%. The next largest group killed in these sorts of crashes is the drivers and passengers of non-speeding vehicles, accounting for nearly 30% of these fatalities. The remaining fatalities are made up of passengers of speeding vehicles, pedestrians, and others.

Infographic, fatalities caused by speeding

The majority of speed-related accidents occurred in urban areas, accounting for roughly 80% of all crashes of this kind. This could be related to the higher number of intersections in urban areas, a factor which some researchers have found contributes to single-vehicle collisions as well.

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