Houston Police report that a T-bone car accident early Christmas morning near North Loop at Ella Boulevard left one driver dead, another detained by Police, and a passenger on the run. Authorities are searching for the passenger who fled the scene of the crash.

Incident Details

The crash occurred early Christmas morning at the intersection of the North Loop feeder road and Ella Boulevard and involved two vehicles, a black SUV and a Honda Civic.

According to a local officer who witnessed the crash, he was driving behind the black SUV when it ran a red light at the intersection and broadsided the Honda Civic that was traveling southbound on Ella Blvd.

The officer responded to the crash and was busy attempting to give the Honda Civic driver first aid when the female passenger of the SUV took off on foot. The female driver of the SUV, who sustained minor injuries, was detained by police following the crash. The Honda Civic driver, an adult male, died on the scene.

This incident is still under investigation, and it is unclear what charges the SUV driver may potentially face.

Holiday Car Accidents in Texas

From house fires to burst pipes, there are lots of risks that become particularly troublesome during the holidays. Another issue that can make the holidays a bit more stressful is the risk of car accidents.

During the holiday season, many of us travel long distances to visit and reconnect with loved ones. While this year’s family trip may come with certain travel restrictions, you may be facing even higher rates of car accidents based on trends so far.

On top of long trips, holiday parties also mean a higher likelihood that people might drink and drive or drive late at night after they’re already too tired to do so safely. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that more drunk driving accidents happen on Christmas than on all non-holidays combined. The holidays can also bring with them a lot of added stress and chaos, both of which can make us worse, more distracted drivers.

In Texas, the number of car accidents that occur during the Christmas holiday varies widely depending on what day of the week Christmas falls. If the Christmas holiday includes a weekend, the number of accidents is likely to be much higher.

To illustrate, in most years, Texas has just under 40 fatal car accidents over Christmas, but in 2019, a year with a Wednesday Christmas, there were only 6 fatal car accidents. Considering that Christmas 2020 falls on a Friday, we are likely to see a higher number of deadly Christmas accidents.

Christmas is also unique in that it is followed so closely by another major holiday: New Year’s Eve. New Year’s Eve usually sees even more fatal car accidents than Christmas, even when the New Year’s holiday only includes two days. With this in mind, take time to remind your loved ones to drive carefully this holiday season by letting it SNOW.


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Source: KHOU11


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