A firefighter was struck by debris while responding to a rollover accident that resulted in one death on Jan. 18 in El Paso, Texas. Details of the crash are limited at this time, but authorities are reminding Texas drivers to move over when passing an emergency vehicle with lights flashing.

Details Surrounding the Car Accident

The incident began when a vehicle was involved in a rollover crash on Loop 375 near Iron Medics Drive, according to authorities. The collision occurred sometime before 8 p.m. and resulted in at least one hospitalization for life-threatening injuries.

However, the situation devolved further as firefighters and emergency personnel were responding to the scene. As they were working, another vehicle sped through the scene and crashed into a nearby pole. In the process, a firefighter was struck by debris.

The fire department reports that the firefighter received minor injuries and was taken to a hospital for treatment following the incident. The driver of the allegedly speeding vehicle was detained by authorities.

Details of the initial rollover incident and the following collision are limited at this time.

Responding to Car Accidents in Texas

2020 was a difficult year for many reasons, most of them caused by the international pandemic still ravaging the country. As this global crisis forced all of us to spend more time at home and less time on the road, there was some expectation that car accidents and other avoidable emergencies would decrease. Unfortunately, the opposite has proven to be true.

According to a report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, during the pandemic, traffic deaths increased, seat belt usage fell, and more drivers who suffered car accident injuries were found to have drugs or alcohol in their systems. During the first months of 2020, car accident deaths in the country rose by nearly 5% despite the portion of those staying at home increasing by roughly 9% compared to 2019. The decrease in seat belt use, a drop of roughly 15%, also led to a greater number of ejections.

This increase in car accidents makes it especially important for Texans to know the correct ways to respond to a collision when on the road. Below, you can find Lapeze & Johns’ guide to driving near the scene of a car accident in Texas.

If you see a Texas car accident, you are required to report it. If you come across an accident after authorities have already arrived, do not stop. Slow down, move over, and give the officers plenty of room. If you are involved in a car accident yourself, you can follow our car accident tips.

If you’ve been involved in a Texas car or truck accident caused by the actions or negligence of someone else, contact the Houston car accident attorneys of Lapeze & Johns to seek legal relief.

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