Six bike riders were struck by a truck traveling eastbound down U.S. 290 near GH Circle on Saturday, September 25, while they participated in a training event. Reports say that the riders had reached their 75th mile when the 16-year-old pickup truck driver attempted to blow exhaust at a group of riders behind them, leading to the collision.

The Saturday Morning Prank-Gone-Wrong

No charges have been filed against the teen driver who collided with a group of cyclists while attempting to harass them. On Saturday morning, the cyclists were participating in a training ride for the Ironman Texas competition on a stretch of U.S. 290 in Waller County when they were struck.

Witnesses from the event told officials that, 75 miles into the training ride, roughly 2 miles west of Waller, a black Ford pickup truck drove alongside the riders, blowing exhaust fumes at them.

Based on reports, it seems that the driver was attempting to blow more exhaust on a group of cyclists behind his vehicle when he collided with a group in front of him. According to witnesses, the truck had already struck three riders before the brakes engaged.

Four of the cyclists were injured and hospitalized, while the remaining two refused medical care at the scene. Two of the victims were airlifted from the scene. All injuries reported were non-life-threatening.

As of the last reporting, no charges had been filed against the teen driver in this case; however, he was seen cooperating with authorities after the accident.

Reckless Driving in Texas

Unfortunately, stories of individuals dying in auto accidents caused by pranks aren’t unheard of in the U.S. Usually, objects are thrown into the pathway of a traveling vehicle as a prank. These objects then collide with vehicles or cause vehicles to collide into each other while attempting evasive maneuvers.

Accidents in which drivers collide with victims while driving recklessly may be just as common as debris pranks, but they aren’t as likely to actually be reported as pranks. For instance, the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) crash data doesn’t identify crashes caused by pranks or reckless driving; instead, these types of accidents are likely to fall under the categories covering crashes in which drivers disregard roadway laws.

While TxDOT may not classify reckless driving accidents, Texas law certainly recognizes reckless driving. Under Texas law, drivers who willfully or wantonly disregard the safety of other individuals can be charged with reckless driving, with charges ranging up to $200 and 30 days in jail.

However, for cases involving especially egregious behavior, authorities may include additional charges. This is common in cases involving racing, drinking, death, police chases, high-speeds, and hit-and-runs. These additional charges could mean considerable jail time.

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Source: ABC13, FOX26


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