The impact of a car collision can seriously affect your mental, physical, and emotional world. This traumatic experience can result in a variation of shock, physical injuries, and emotional anxiety.

While there are generally common short-term effects that will heal in time, in some cases, long-term effects may occur that can seriously affect your ability to experience life as you once knew it. According to the National Center for PTSD, 9 percent of motor vehicle accident survivors will develop Post-traumatic Stress Disorder.

It is important for individuals who have been involved in an auto accident to recognize that the severity of the accident (how “bad” it was) does not always correlate with the amount of emotional impact on an individual undergoes. It is a matter of how you perceive and process the situation.

Every victim of trauma caused by a car accident – whether physical or emotional – can recover. The Houston car accident attorneys at Lapeze & Johns want you to know you are not alone. We are eager to help you recover and obtain the justice and compensation you deserve to begin piecing your life back together.

Vital Tips on How You Can Start Your Recovery:

As the victim of a car accident, one of the most important steps that you can take is to listen to your body and provide it with the medical attention, time, and self-care, it needs to heal. The followings tips can prove to be essential following a serious car accident:

  • To rest is to heal. Your body needs time to recover, so take it slow and be patient with the process. Allow your body to recuperate by taking things easy after being involved in a car wreck.
  • Listen to your doctor. Follow the treatment plan provided to you and make sure to attend all your appointments. Be aware of your symptoms and if you see your condition worsening, consult your doctor.
  • Self-care. Stress and anxiety can inhibit the recovery process. Implementing self-care strategies such as meditation can help alleviate mental burdens impacting the body.
  • Keep the mind busy. Engage in activities that will distract you from negative thoughts concerning the accident. Take time to read, pick up a hobby, or get some fresh air. Think positive thoughts.
  • Talk it out. Share your thoughts with a friend or close family member. They can listen to your feelings, help you process your emotions, and offer support. Just be wary of posting these thoughts online or on social media – anything you say online can and will be used against you should you decide to file a claim against the other driver.

When to Seek Support for Mental and Emotional Recovery

There is no exact formula or solution for a quick recovery. However, when necessary, counseling can be an effective tool to help you recover mentally and emotionally. This type of medical support can help speed up the recovery process and get you out of negative reflections concerning your safety.

If you are having excessive negative emotions such as anxiety, depression, and stress that has lingered a month or two after the incident, you may be affected by Post-traumatic Stress Disorder.

Symptoms of PTSD that may be affecting your mental health:

  • Avoiding cars and images related to the event
  • Nightmares and changes in sleep patterns
  • Mood changeability and irritability
  • Negative flashbacks and thoughts

These mental effects may occur temporarily following an incident. However, if you continue to feel these symptoms after several months, then you should consult a medical professional to get the help you need to recover.

Persistent symptoms may inhibit productivity at work or school, get between your personal relationships, affect your sleep patterns, and have an impact on how you go about daily life. It may even have an effect on your immune system and health in general. Psychiatric help can allow you to overcome the mental impacts caused by a traumatic event such as a car accident.

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The medical expenses for physical and mental impact can create a stack of bills for victims of a car crash. At Lapeze & Johns, we can help you recover damage expenses and monetary losses.

The Houston car accident attorneys of Lapeze & Johns are dedicated to seeking and winning compensation for individuals involved in car accidents caused by other negligent parties. Don’t let your pain and suffering go ignored. Contact us today at (713) 739-1010 for a free consultation.

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