Let’s face it. The last thing we want to do after a serious auto accident or personal injury is to deal with paperwork, yet it is a necessary step to secure the compensation that is owed to us. Frequently, the process of securing your claim entails complicated conversations with insurance claims adjusters that often aren’t working in your best interest – and who may be looking out for their insuree – the trucking company. 

Although it’s tempting to want to rely on an insurer for feelings of safety and security, the fact of the matter is that profit comes before justice in the insurance industry.

To effectively do this, insurers will employ a multitude of tactics in order to lessen the amount of compensation awarded to clients. At Lapeze & Johns, we want you to avoid these complications; therefore, it is vital to become informed on the variety of ways in which you could be cheated out of the justice you deserve.

Keep an eye out for these tactics when insurance agencies might use to lower the value of your truck accident claim. 

1. Provide Insufficient Settlements

Shortly after the accident, the trucking company’s insurer may offer you an out-of-court settlement. At the moment, this may seem like the ideal situation as both parties get to avoid tedious courtroom battles, while also avoiding the struggles of acquiring legal counsel and the weeks or months spent in negotiation. However, the truth that lies underneath is rather grim.

In reality, these settlement offers are intentionally as low as possible. They are often offered purposely before an accident victim can fully comprehend how costly their recovery will be. Additionally, once a settlement is accepted, it is essentially impossible to fight for more. This leaves the victim left to account for any remaining damages out of their own pockets. 

2. Hire Private Investigators to Deny Your Injuries

A more devious method that insurance companies use in order to deny your injuries and ultimately lessen the value of your claim is to hire private investigators to follow you around after an accident.

The goal of this practice is for the investigator to somehow acquire evidence that the injury that was sustained by the victim isn’t as they claim. For example, a private investigator will attempt to collect footage of a victim going for a run and then use it against them in court.

Insurers can also refer you to “special” doctors or psychologists who ultimately have some sort of relationship with the insurance company and are bribed to deliver a specific diagnosis – or lack thereof.  

3. Postpone the Investigation 

In Texas, the statute of limitations for personal injury cases is two (2) years. A money-hungry insurance company will delay investigations for as long as possible in an effort to either reach this two-year mark or at the very least make you look unreliable in court for “waiting so long” to seek monetary justice.

If you sense that an insurer is trying to delay your investigation unjustly, seek legal counsel immediately. Early detection can completely alter your experience – and the amount you’re compensated – following an accident or injury. 

Houston truck accident attorneys you can depend on. 

Our team of truck accident attorneys at Lapeze & Johns has the experience necessary to safeguard you against a manipulative insurance company. We will work diligently to help you obtain the justice, compensation, and care you deserve.

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