According to the International Labour Organization, there are 340 million occupational accidents worldwide each year. With this high of a number, more change and awareness needs to be brought to the causes of industrial accidents. Although some accidents are inevitable, many can be prevented with the proper safety processes.

Learn the 3 most common causes of industrial accidents from your Houston accident attorneys.

The Most Common Causes of Industrial Accidents

1. Environmental Causes

Environmental causes are those that occur in the workplace environment. Depending on the worksite, these causes can be both natural and man-made. Some of these causes are unavoidable because of the workspace but often there is room for improvement in certain industries. 

Common environmental causes of industrial accidents include:

  • Bad lighting — Bad lighting can create low visibility, leading to slips, falls, and other accidents.
  • Incorrect temperature — Too high of a temperature can lead to overheating on the job and too low of a temperature could lead to hypothermia and frostbite.
  • Air pollution — Air pollution or poor ventilation can result in injuries to an individual’s respiratory system.
  • Sound pollution — If sound is not properly regulated, it can lead to hearing issues or loss.

Because employees spend their entire workday in one environment, it’s important that changes are made to improve safety and productivity. Things like lighting and temperature may be regulated by employers and can greatly decrease the chances of industrial injuries on the job.

2. Mechanical Causes

Mechanical causes are due to the failure or breakdown of equipment or machinery. Mechanical causes shouldn’t be a cause of many industrial accidents, as they are preventable with regular equipment maintenance. 

When an accident does occur, some common mechanical causes could be:

  • Broken or damaged machinery — If machinery is made with poor-quality parts or metal, there is a greater chance of it breaking down or becoming damaged.
  • Power failure — Whether it’s a partial or total power failure, employees can be injured if it occurs while they are operating machinery.
  • Fire or explosion — A fire or explosion can occur due to a small spark or cooling failure.
  • Wear and tear — Over time, machinery parts can wear down and lead to severe accidents.

Because most mechanical causes are preventable, it’s important that employers and employees keep up with regular equipment maintenance and safety procedures. Employees should all be trained on how to safely use equipment and how to report something that’s been damaged or broken down.

3. Human Factors

Human error can happen in any setting, but it can be especially catastrophic in an industrial setting. If a worker isn’t properly trained or is having an off day, these factors can lead to severe accidents. 

Some common human factors that can result in an accident include:

  • Fatigue — Fatigue can lead to more mistakes because the body isn’t operating at its best.
  • Overexertion — Employees who overexert themselves are more likely to injure themselves on the job.
  • Stress — Stress can lead to distraction and a greater chance of injury.
  • Dehydration — Dehydration can cause the body to function poorly and lead to more mistakes and injury.
  • Improper lifting — If safe and proper lifting is not done, employees are at a greater risk for back strains and shoulder injuries.
  • A messy workspace — A messy workspace can lead to slips and falls.

When an employee shows up to work, it’s important that they’re well-rested and take care of themselves throughout the day. Consistent breaks along with careful supervision can ensure that these human factors don’t cause a serious accident.

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Although these industrial accidents can be caused by employee error, other injuries and accidents can happen due to the work environment and mechanical issues. Industrial accidents can be prevented with changes to the work environment and regular equipment maintenance.

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