There are all different kinds of car crashes, and some are generally not as dangerous as others. Still, almost all accidents have the potential to become more critical after the initial impact, especially if more vehicles become involved.

One type of collision with an especially high potential to become a complex and dangerous accident is a side-swipe. While side-swipes might not seem all that dangerous, these types of accidents bring with them hidden dangers that can leave victims severely injured. 

If you’ve been injured in a side-swipe accident, determining who was at fault could be particularly difficult, but an experienced car accident attorney can help. Today your candid Houston car accident attorneys at Lapeze & Johns, PLLC, will highlight the hidden danger of side-swipe accidents. 

What Is a Side-Swipe Accident?

A side-swipe accident is exactly what it sounds like: an accident in which the side of at least one vehicle swipes across another object. This second object is often another vehicle driving in the same direction. In these cases, the swipe is usually the result of one driver moving into the lane occupied by the other driver due to inattention or distraction.

Side-swipes can also occur when a driver attempts to make an evasive action only to move into the lane of another vehicle, leading to the side-swipe. The driver may be attempting to avoid debris in the road, a suddenly stopped vehicle, or another obstacle.

Side-swipe accidents don’t always involve more than one vehicle. For instance, a side-swipe can also take place when a vehicle swipes a stationary object like a parked car or traffic barrier.

The Dangers of Side-Swipe Accidents 

Most of us would probably assume that side-swipe accidents aren’t that dangerous. After all, side-swipes don’t often involve a direct impact. The hidden danger posed by side-swipe accidents is that they rarely end with the side-swipe alone. Instead, these types of collisions can often lead to further danger. 

For instance, after a side-swipe, a driver may overcorrect, (something that can lead to another collision), a vehicle leaving the roadway, or even rollover. If a vehicle does leave the road, it could collide with another object like a tree or barrier. Unfortunately, accidents involving collisions with stationary objects can be particularly deadly.

While the initial impact of a side-swipe may not be dangerous in and of itself, the actions that a driver may take in response could lead to further issues.

The Challenges of Determining Side-Swipe Liability 

Figuring out who caused a car accident is always difficult. No two car accidents are exactly the same, and the events that lead up to each crash vary widely. Discovering the sequence of events and factors generally involves convoluted research or evidence. Unfortunately, those challenges are only the beginning when it comes to determining liability after a side-swipe accident.

During a side-swipe accident, both vehicles involved may sustain virtually the same damage. Since these accidents typically involve multiple vehicles, it can be difficult to determine the catalyzing factor. Any uncertainty can be used by the at-fault party to weaken your claim for compensation.

However, we do know that most side-swipe accidents are caused by distraction. Oftentimes a side-swipe will happen while a driver is texting, changing the radio, impaired by alcohol or drugs, fatigued, or talking on the phone. In these cases, the distracted driver is the most obvious culprit, but even these situations can be more complex than they seem.

Seeking Compensation for Your Side-Swipe Accident With Lapeze & Johns

If you’ve been involved in a side-swipe accident, you may be facing a difficult path to compensation. However, no matter how difficult the case, every car accident victim should have the opportunity to seek justice from those who caused them harm.

At Lapeze & Johns, PLLC, we are proud to fight on behalf of those who’ve suffered due to the actions or negligence of others. You can count on our team of car and truck accident attorneys to fight tirelessly for your rights to compensation.

If you’ve been injured in a side-swipe accident, contact the Houston car accident attorneys of Lapeze & Johns today for help finding a path forward.

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