A serious truck accident can effect your life in all sorts of expected and unexpected ways. While you might already be thinking about things like medical expenses and day-to-day spending, you might be surprised the next time you pay your car insurance premium.

If you’ve been involved in a truck accident in Texas, you deserve the coverage that you paid for under your insurance policy. While you should consider talking to an experienced truck accident attorney before filing a claim, you can read on to learn more about how making a claim against your policy can impact your monthly rates.

What Is an Insurance Claim?

In simple terms, an insurance claim is an agreement between you and an insurance company that they will financially cover you in case of an emergency, loss, or damages. In exchange for that coverage, policyholders pay monthly premiums. Common expenses that insurance can cover include:

  • Medical bills 
  • Lost wages
  • Disability
  • Wrongful death and funeral costs
  • Property damage

What Happens After I File a Claim?

After filing a claim, your insurance company will investigate the incident. Following the investigation, the company will either approve or reject your claim. In some instances, your insurance company may approve a portion of your truck accident  claim, but not the full amount you’re asking for. 

If your claim has been denied entirely, you may have to pay out-of-pocket. However, it’s often a good idea to challenge the rejection in order to ensure you get any coverage that you may be owed. There are a few avenues you can pursue when it comes to appealing the decision. Ultimately, having an experienced attorney on your side is often the best option. 

How Insurance Claims Impact Your Future Rates

The more claims you file against your insurance policy, the more likely it is that your monthly rates will go up. Unfortunately, your insurance rates can increase even when you weren’t at fault. However, if it’s determined that you were not at fault in any way, it’s less likely that your rates will increase, and any increase you see may be less substantial.

Truck accidents can cause massive amounts of damage, and that damage usually translates to huge bills and mountains of expenses. That’s why seeking the advice of an experienced truck accident attorney before filing your insurance claim is so important. A capable attorney can help you decide on the best couse of action.

Before You File

Long before you ever file a Texas truck accident claim with your insurance, you should discuss your policy with your insurance agent. Knowing your insurance company’s policies can help you present a strong claim and defend that claim against wrongful rejection if need be. 

Still, it’s always a good idea to have an attorney look over your policy before you make a claim. While you might be tempted to ask you insurance adjuster for help, it may not be in your best interest. 

For one thing, if you speak to an adjuster about a potential claim then decide not to file, the adjuster may be required to report the incident anyway. Your insurance adjuster’s job is give you as little compensation as they are legally required under your policy, meaning you can’t  trust them to always put your needs first.

The Truck Accident Attorneys at the Law Office of Lapeze & Johns Can Help!

If you’ve been injured in a truck accidnet in Texas, you’re probably facing considerable expenses. Filing an insurance claim with the assistance of an attorney can help you protect your rights to compensation.

At the Law Office of Bobby Garcia, we have a team of experienced truck accident attorneys ready to help. Our team can help you decide your best course of action and give you the right representation to help you with your case. 

If you’ve been injured in a Texas car or truck accident, the car accident attorneys at Lapeze & Johns can help.

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