There can be many different causes of semi-truck accidents. Sometimes a driver isn’t paying attention or ends up in a truck driver’s blind spot. If the crash is caused by a mechanical failure in the truck or the trucker is not fully attentive, the trucker and their company can be found responsible for the accident.

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When Can a Trucker Be Found Negligent?

Driving an 18-wheeler comes with a great deal of responsibility. If something goes wrong, the driver is held accountable for themselves, their cargo, and the other vehicles around them.

In the case of an accident, a driver may be found negligent due to:


Fatigue is a common problem that truck drivers face. The deadlines and workload that are put on drivers can cause them to push themselves past their breaking point.

Many drive hundreds of miles each day with little to no sleep. Although drivers are only allowed to drive for 11 hours at a time, some do not follow this rule in order to meet a deadline. Pushing themselves past the point of exhaustion can cause the truck driver to poorly operate their semi-truck and put others on the road in danger.


Distracted driving can happen for many reasons. Changing the radio station, using the GPS, checking the cellphone, or eating and drinking can all cause the driver to be distracted.

Driving an 18-wheeler is even more dangerous when the operator is distracted. The extra weight and size of the truck can cause it to easily swerve off the road or crash. Truck drivers should take extra care to get rid of all distractions and be fully attentive to the road.


Most trucking companies require their employees to have previous experience and to undergo training of the vehicle they’ll drive. There may be times when a company is in desperate need of drivers, so they’ll hire an inexperienced driver with a lower starting pay.

This can be beneficial for the trucking company as it gives them the help they need but allows them to save money. Sadly, this can lead to a serious accident and result in a severe injury or wrongful death.

When a Trucking Company Can Be Found Negligent

Similar to truckers, the trucking company can be found negligent in a crash if they fail to follow certain regulations and standards. Instances where a trucking company can be found negligent include:

  • Failure to service, maintain, and inspect the vehicle
  • Improper training of the truck driver
  • Poor supervision of the driver and enforcement of regulations
  • Carelessness in hiring or keeping a driver who is unqualified

When a trucking company falls guilty in any of these instances, it can be found negligent in the event of a crash. It is the responsibility of the trucking company to ensure that their drivers are qualified, setting standards and regulations for those drivers, and keeping up with the maintenance of the truck they are driving.

Truckers and trucking companies have a responsibility to operate safely on the road. If they fail to do that, they need to be held liable for their actions. An experienced Houston car accident attorney can help you seek justice for your 18-wheeler accident.

If you’ve been involved in an 18-wheeler accident, reach out to your Houston car accident attorneys at Lapeze & Johns for help with your legal claim.

If you’ve been involved in an 18-wheeler accident, reach out to your Houston car accident attorneys at Lapeze & Johns for help with your legal claim.

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