Two men were killed in the early morning of Wednesday, March 10th, when their car launched into the air after hitting a curb at a high rate of speed. As of midmorning on Wednesday, authorities were still working to identify one of the two men.

Details of the Crash

San Antonio Police reported on Wednesday that they had responded to a crash that had occurred at around 2 a.m. near Hausman Road and Interstate 10. Authorities believe that speed was a huge contributor to the incident.

For an unknown reason, the driver of the vehicle failed to turn at the point where Hausman runs into I-10. Instead, the vehicle hit a curb and was launched onto the highway. The vehicle rolled several times before colliding with the concrete median in the center of I-10.

Authorities stated that it was incredibly fortunate that no other vehicles traveling on I-10 were struck, but also acknowledged that the incident was a tragedy nonetheless.

The driver of the vehicle, as well as his passenger, were both killed in the crash. While one of the two men, aged 24, has been identified, the other, 25, has yet to be identified according to hospital staff.

Following the incident, the eastbound lanes of I-10 were closed for several hours while authorities investigated the event.

Speed in Texas Car Accidents

Driving at a safe speed is completely within a driver’s control in typical driving conditions. While the type of roadway you are driving on will affect your speed to a certain extent, such as when traveling on an interstate, as long as your brakes are functional, you should be able to drive at or below the speed limit.

Unfortunately, there are many who do not prioritize driving at a safe speed and instead put their lives – and the lives of others – at great risk.

In 2019, for instance, excessive speeding accidents resulted in the deaths of over 700 Texans.

One factor that could be contributing to the issue at hand is Texas’ permissive stance on speeding. According to a recent report by QuoteWizard, Texas is the best state for drivers who want to speed. Based on their methodology, this means that Texas has both a higher average speed limit than most states and a lower rate of ticketing for speeding offenses.

Unsurprisingly, states with high-speed limits give out fewer speeding tickets, and this relative lack of regulation could be leading to more drivers engaging in dangerous behavior.

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