Two people are dead following a rollover crash on Highway 249 in Harris County, TX. The crash occurred around noon on Wednesday, December 15, near the North Sam Houston Parkway West ramp. 

One person was airlifted to a nearby hospital and another got out of their vehicle and jumped over the nearby overpass.

The Rollover Crash

A two-vehicle crash occurred on Wednesday, December 15, near the North Sam Houston Parkway West ramp. The Harris County Constable deputies received a call about the incident at 12:02 PM. Air 11 footage shows one vehicle rolled over while crews were working on the second one. 

According to authorities, one person was airlifted to a nearby hospital, but died later that day. The driver of the other vehicle got out, ran up an elevated connector ramp, and threw himself over the edge. That driver was pronounced dead at the scene from an apparent suicide.

Authorities are still unsure what led to the crash or the person jumping off the overpass. An investigation is still ongoing into the accident. There were no other deaths or injuries reported after the crash. Traffic on Highway 249 was back to normal by 3:30 p.m. that day.

What Causes a Person to Flee From the Scene of a Crash?

After an accident, your body can react in different ways. Many people go into shock, become quite emotional, or enter a fight-or-flight mode. The fight-or-flight mode can cause a person’s body to stay and fight or flee from the scene. This happens often after a car crash due to the person’s adrenaline levels running at an all-time high. 

It can be difficult to make rational decisions after a crash. Along with fight-or-flight mode, there can be other reasons a person flees from the scene of a crash including:

  • The driver did not have a valid driver’s license
  • The fear of facing a civil lawsuit
  • The driver has no insurance
  • There is already a warrant out for the driver’s arrest
  • The driver was doing something illegal at the time of the crash such as transporting drugs, other substances, or driving a stolen vehicle

Ultimately, fleeing the scene of a crash can cause more issues for the drivers involved. Fleeing the scene often results in criminal charges, jail time, and fines. Even if your body has entered a fight-or-flight mode, it’s important to take a moment, breathe, and think rationally about your next steps.

After an accident, both drivers should stay at the scene of the crash until authorities have arrived. Each driver should give their insurance information and tell police every detail of the crash. Doing so can help your insurance companies establish fault and move forward with compensation for damages. The next time you’re involved in an accident, fight the urge to flee and take responsibility for your actions in the crash.

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Source: KHOU, Houston Chronicle, ABC13

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