Texas traffic laws and regulations are complex, and often one’s actions or words can be misconstrued and used against them either in civil court or during other stages in the settlement following a truck accident.

Knowing what actions to avoid beforehand, however, can be the deciding factor to earning full monetary compensation for your injuries and other associated damages. 

At Lapeze & Johns, our Houston truck accident lawyers are confident and experienced in handling a variety of mishaps on the road. In the unfortunate event of a semi-truck accident, we are dedicated to protecting you at every stage of the  legal process, beginning from the very moment in which the incident occurred.

3 Mistakes You Should Avoid After a Truck Accident

Listed below are a few things that victims of truck accidents caused by negligence must be sure to avoid if they want to win the full compensation they need to cover their extensive damages: 

  1. Don’t Put Off Seeking Legal Counsel

Lacking an experienced attorney can leave you vulnerable to the predatory practices taken by trucking company and their insurance claims adjusters looking to undervalue or outright deny your claim.

Oftentimes, these entities will be on the hunt for any on-site evidence, including testimonials from witnesses of the accident as well as those involved.

The only way to ensure that you have a fighting chance in attaining the justice you or a loved one deserves is to avoid speaking to these entities without your lawyer present who is there to protect you and your best interests.

  1. Avoid Putting Off Medical Care/Attention

Doctors may be intimidating to many, but prompt medical care can make or break your case and is often the difference between life and death. In the eyes of the civil court, delaying medical treatment may seem like it wasn’t a priority warranting the need for compensation.

Seek medical attention right away, even if you feel fine. In the midst of feeling shaken up after a vehicular incident, it is easy to ignore the signs of an injury in order to deal with legal and financial recovery.

Once prescribed, follow your doctor’s orders and arrange frequent checkups. Failure to do this can undoubtedly elongate and complicate both the healing and legal processes where the value of your case can be lessened or dismissed.

  1. Don’t Share Information Irresponsibly

Historically, this can be one of the biggest mistakes, as well as the hardest to avoid, for victims. Even an instinctual “sorry” delivered at the scene of the accident can have numerous legal repercussions.

For this reason, our team recommends directing any and all inquiries you receive on the accident to your legal counsel. Additionally, we advise refraining from posts on social media, blogs, YouTube, and other forms of online media.

While we can understand the reasons why one would make a social media post regarding their traumatic experience, whether it be a form of coping or alerting your loved ones of your situation on a wider scale, the dangers heavily outweigh the conveniences.

Everything published online is permanent and public, regardless of your privacy settings. Your social media posts can easily be weaponized against you by a defense attorney or an insurance agent, so it is best to avoid these situations entirely.

Experience you can trust. 

If you or a loved one has recently suffered at the hands of a negligent truck driver, the truck accident lawyers of Lapeze & Johns are dedicated to your physical, financial, and mental recovery. 

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