Due to the size and weight of your average semi-truck, the injuries sustained in an accident involving a commercial truck are far more likely to affect you and your passengers rather than the trucker themselves. This makes the decisions you make after an accident even more important.

If you’ve had the misfortune of being involved in a truck accident and need surgery after the incident, the Houston personal injury lawyers of Lapeze & Johns would be proud to assist you in insurance negotiations or a court of law. 

Common Surgeries Needed after a Truck Accident

Truck accidents are notoriously stressful and our bodies often tense up at the point of impact. Because of this, many truck accident survivors don’t realize the full extent of any injuries they may have sustained. 

Many injuries take time to appear, but neglecting to seek medical attention for these problems can result in serious issues in the future. One of the more serious types of treatments provided for truck accident survivors is surgery. 

Common types of surgery needed after a truck accident include:

  • Knee surgery
  • Back surgery
  • Spinal fusion
  • Dental surgeries
  • Plastic surgery
  • Brain surgery

Consider Your Options

Seeking medical attention in the United States can sometimes feel like a bigger risk than simply leaving your issues untreated. The cost of treatment for injuries sustained in a truck accident can be very high. 

However, leaving these injuries untreated can lead to even higher costs down the road. What’s worse, putting off treatment after an accident can make it incredibly difficult to seek financial relief through litigation. 

If you need treatment after an accident, don’t hesitate to obtain the care you need. If you file a claim or take the issue to court, you could receive sufficient compensation to help cover your medical bills. 

If you wait, that relief may become unavailable.

File a Letter of Protection

Unfortunately, the financial compensation needed for medical treatment after an accident is often hard to come by before payments need to be made. Your insurance may deny coverage, and the negligent driver’s insurance may require you to pay the bills yourself long before you are reimbursed.

The best way to make sure you won’t be taken advantage of by your medical provider or insurance company is to file a letter of protection. A letter of protection is a document submitted to a medical provider by a personal injury lawyer on behalf of an injured client. The letter guarantees that the medical professional will receive payment either from a pending insurance claim or lawsuit award.

All bills will then be sent to your attorney to be paid once compensation has been awarded. A letter of protection can also provide some relief from debt collection on the part of the hospital.

Lapeze & Johns: Truck Accident Attorneys Fighting for Houstonians

If you have been involved in a truck accident, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by your choices. However, your health should always come first. If you’ve been harmed in a truck accident, don’t hesitate to seek care.

If you are concerned that you may end up buried under a mountain of medical bills due to your accident, the attorneys of Lapeze & Johns can help. We will fight for your rights and will help you seek the possible settlement to meet all of your needs.


If you’ve been involved in a truck accident, you don’t have to face the legal system and insurance companies alone. Contact Lapeze & Johns today at (713) 766-0075. 

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