A serious car accident can have a tremendous impact on your life. Besides the physical injuries and emotional pain and suffering associated with them, the financial difficulty that results in recuperating from the incident can be just as devastating.

Victims cannot anticipate the severity of their injuries or the recovery time it will take to get back on their feet. Whether you are full-time, part-time, or even self-employed, there are options for aid after suffering a car accident caused by negligence. 

If a car accident has interrupted your earning capacity temporarily, or prevents you from ever working again, seek help from an experienced car accident attorney from Lapeze & Johns right away. We have extensively legal knowledge in Texas traffic laws that you need in order to build a strong case and win the compensation you deserve. 

What is Lost-Income Compensation?

Any wages or income that you may have earned had you been able to work may be compensated in a personal injury claim. This includes your traditional earnings, what you would have made in the future if not for your injury, and more.

Aside from lost wages, you may be entitled to recover the vacation or sick days you took off instead of unpaid workdays. You may also try and recover missed earning opportunities such as overtime, bonuses, paid side projects and meetings, and other non-paid benefits. 

The type of lost income you are eligible for depends on the proof you have of each income opportunity missed. Know that if you must take time off, or simply cannot return to work because of the injuries sustained in a car accident, you should not bear the financial burdens alone. 

How Do I Go About Recovering Lost Wages?

The two main criteria for recovering wages after a car accident-related injury include:

  1. Offering proof that your injuries have resulted in lost work time. 
  2. Providing information from your employer regarding your intended earnings, had you not been injured. 

Qualifying for either of these can be done by seeking a letter from your doctor addressing your injuries and recommended time off. You should also obtain an official letter from your company letter which states your position, your schedule, your pay rate, and the hours missed. It is also useful to gather your most current pay stubs and even a past tax return for proof of earnings. 

It can be a challenge to solidify proof of lost wages, but with our help, we can guide you on how to retrieve all the documentation you need.

How Do Your Injuries Impact Your Work?

A serious injury can have a toll on your body’s ability to perform certain work tasks. This is especially true if manual labor is part of your profession. For example, if you suffer a serious spine injury that requires surgery, yet your job requires that you lift heavy items, you may need to quit. 

Since you still have to earn a living, you may opt for a more sedentary job. This leaves wages and benefits up in the air. If your new job does not pay the same, this qualifies as diminished earning capacity.

Sometimes an injury may be so severe that you may never be able to work again. For example, if an accident has resulted in a traumatic brain injury, then there should be some form of compensation you can rely on to sustain yourself in the case that working is not an option. 

Those who suffer more serious injuries should also try to apply for social security benefits if the situation fits the necessary requirements. Our experienced lawyers have the necessary means to prove how your injury has affected your working capacity in order to best recover your maximum monetary compensation. 

Who is Liable for My Lost Wage Compensation?

Those injured in a car accident may be wondering how they should go about paying for the damages resulting from a wreck. If a driver acted negligently and caused your accident, then the burden of such financial duties should not fall on you alone. 

Car accident-related damages extend beyond just medical bills. Sometimes your injuries may be long-term or so severe that work is made more difficult or impossible to achieve. This is why income-related losses count as potential compensation. 

Although the process to recover such compensation can be difficult, it is worth it. An experienced car accident attorney can aid in the discovery of negligence by another party, and how such negligence brought about your injuries.

Attorneys Dedicated to Helping Car Accident Victims Recover Lost Wages

If you have suffered a serious injury in a car accident that inhibited your ability to earn income, know that you are entitled to pursue compensation. Those who suffered injuries in a crash where another party is liable must find proof of negligence.

Our experienced Houston car accident attorneys at Lapeze & Johns can help build your case with strong evidence for your personal injury claim. Seeking wage compensation can help alleviate some financial burden to assist in your best recovery.  

Contact the committed Houston car accident attorneys of Lapeze & Johns today at (713) 766-0075 for more information and a FREE initial case review.

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