One driver was killed and another was hospitalized following a wrong-way collision on the Dallas North Tollway, southbound. Authorities have not determined why one of the vehicles was traveling north in the southbound lanes.

The Dallas Wrong-Way Accident

At just around 12:10 a.m. on Wednesday, July 14th, a Texas driver was killed when they collided with another vehicle while traveling in the wrong direction. The collision happened on the North Tollway near Mockingbird Lane.

The now-deceased driver was traveling north in a white Saturn in the southbound lanes of the DNT when they struck a southbound black Mercedes, according to the Department of Public Safety. Images of the aftermath of the crash show the Saturn sitting partially on top of the central barrier between the north and southbound lanes.

According to authorities, the Saturn driver died on the scene. The Mercedes was reportedly transported to a hospital in an unknown condition.

At this time, Dallas police do not know why or how long the white Saturn had been traveling north in the southbound lanes before the collision occurred.

How Do Wrong-Way Accidents Happen?

When considering the stereotypical wrong-way accident, the first thing that might come to mind is going the wrong way down a one-way street. Indeed, driving the wrong way down a one-way street causes over a thousand wrong-way accidents in Texas every year. However, those crashes make up just a small portion of all wrong-way crashes in the state. Crossing the centerline on a two-lane road, entering a highway exit, and using the wrong lane at an intersection can all lead to wrong-way collisions.

While these kinds of actions are certainly dangerous, simply advising against taking these actions isn’t likely to help reduce wrong-way accidents. Instead, we need to examine the underlying choices and circumstances that lead to these accidents.

    • Drunk driving
    • Drug usage
    • Driving underage
    • Driving at an advanced age
    • Driving while distracted or fatigued
    • Driving in unfamiliar areas
    • Poorly designed traffic patterns
    • Insufficient Signage
    • Defective vehicles

With that, wrong-way crashes can broadly be grouped into two categories: driver decisions and driving conditions. While it can be difficult to foresee conditions that can make wrong-way accidents more likely, by staying informed about the traffic and road conditions on your route and by maintaining a close focus on the road, you can help reduce the likelihood that you will make an uninformed mistake in these types of situations.

Wrong-way crashes caused by driving decisions, on the other hand, should be entirely avoidable. Never drive while under the influence, and be sure to ask for help from another safe driver if you’re unsure about your own abilities or record.

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Source: WFAA


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