One man is dead after he and a woman drove their argument onto a Houston highway. The accident occurred on the Gulf Freeway near Airport Boulevard at approximately 1 a.m on August 13th.

Details on the Incident

Investigators said that the man and woman were dating. After getting into a heated argument, they got in their vehicles and headed northbound along Gulf Freeway.

At one point, the man and woman pulled over to continue arguing before getting back on the road. Police report that the man’s truck swerved into the woman’s car, causing his truck to swerve right, then collide with the curb, and finally roll over.

The man was ejected from his vehicle and died at the scene. The woman, however, remained uninjured.

Police say that while the investigation is still underway, it is likely that the man hit the woman’s car intentionally.

As seen in this instance, reckless driving and road rage can quickly end in fatal consequences.

The Statistics and Causes

According to Time Health, one of the ten things you should never do while angry is drive. A clinical psychologist mentioned in the article states that driving while angry can make a driver go into tunnel-vision mode, ignoring the safety of others. It is also more likely for the driver to use their extra adrenaline to take risks while driving.

A fact sheet on Driver Knowledge reveals these U.S. car crash statistics:

  • About 6 million car accidents happen each year in the United States.
  • 6 percent of these accidents result in death.
  • 9 people die each day in a car crash caused by distracted driving.
  • In car crashes that result in injuries, 20 percent of the accidents involved distracted driving.

Speeding, drunk driving, and distractions are some of the major culprits of fatal car accidents. But how do these factors impact a driver’s capacity to drive safely?

  1. Speeding – Failure to follow the speed limit can result in collisions with cars driving the appropriate speed. Additionally, controlling your vehicle becomes much more challenging at higher speeds. At faster speeds, the increased force of impact is often fatal.
  2. Drunk Driving – A blood alcohol concentration of 0.08 percent or higher is considered drunk driving. When driving drunk, drivers may lose control of their motor skills, have impaired judgment, and loss of vision. All of these risks increase the potential for a fatal accident.
  3. Distractions – Driving distractions include anything that may defer the driver’s attention away from what’s going on on the road. This can include texting or talking on the phone, eating or drinking, talking to other people, or any other non-driving activity that demands a driver’s attention.

The only way we can make Houston highways safer is by encouraging the public to drive safely and responsibly.

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